Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’m local and want to pick up my order. Can I skip shipping?

A. Yes! Use code LOCALSHIP at checkout to get free shipping and I’ll contact you about a pick-up time.

Q. I’m local and want to pick up my item and pay cash. How do I reserve the item?

A. Just contact me with the specific item/items you want and I can pull them from the site.

Q. What does upcycle mean?

A. According to Merriam-Webster: transitive verb - to recycle (something) in such a way that the resulting product is of a higher value than the original item to create an object of greater value from (a discarded object of lesser value) .

Q. I have some fabric scraps from my grandmother’s attic I’d like to give you. Will you take them?

A. Depends! If you are local and want to drop them off or arrange with me a time for me to pick them up, I will probably take them. I don’t typically want to pay to have scraps shipped but if they are special enough, I might. You want to ship them here no cost to me? By all means! Just email through the contact page.

Q. Are Zoë Dawn Shop potholders safe?

A. Yes! We use several layers of upcycled wool to line all potholders and skillet socks. We do recommend the consumer tests all purchased products for desired heat resistance prior to regular use.

Q. Where is your shop located?

A. Zoë Dawn Shop is not a physical store (yet!) but the workshop is located in Lancaster, PA. Occasionally Zoë Dawn Shop sets up at local markets. Details are posted on Instagram and the Events page.

Q. Can I find your items in local shops?

A. Yes! Right now they are at Lemon Street Market and there are plans to add more to this list soon.

Q. How do you do it all?!

A. Um, I can’t answer that question because I don’t!