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Zoë Rohrer

Zoë Rohrer


Come one, come all! I’m glad you’re here.

At a young age, Zoë began sewing by her mother’s side. Her first memory of this, really, is sitting on the floor by the waste can as the sewing machine hummed above her head, rooting through it to find any “usable” bits of fabric and stuffing them into a plastic grocery bag. This bag was her prized possession for the longest time. Occasionally she would dip into it and pull out a small piece to hand sew a doll skirt or blanket. Receiving her first sewing machine in grade school, she began making clothing for herself, from actual usable pieces of fabric. Finally as a teen, she learned to quilt and found her forever hobby.

Zoë still specializes in saving unwanted fabric scraps from the landfill and using them to create beautifully unique items. In fact, her bags of scraps are still some of her favorite possessions but instead of toting them all over the house, she actually uses them. At Zoë Dawn Shop you’ll find quilts, potholders, bowls, and other useful decor and gifts. Fill your home with one-of-a-kind items and feel good doing it!

Married to a dairy farmer and with four young children, Zoë and family reside in Lancaster, PA on an old farm. Besides sewing, Zoë gardens, chases chickens, feeds her family, hums hymns, and occasionally has to suppress the urge to throw out bags of small “treasures” that the children leave lying around.

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