Custom Long Arm Quilting Prices

Prices are based on size of quilt (square inches) and complexity of quilting pattern. Minimum charge of $55 per quilt. For bulk rates, please contact Zoë Dawn Shop here.

To find square inches, multiply length of quilt by the width of quilt. Example: 60 x 90 = 5,400 square inches. Multiply this by the cost of quilting, below:

1. Simple edge-to-edge quilting : one simple pattern over the entire quilt with one thread color costs 2 cents per square inch ($108 for the example quilt)

2. Semi-custom quilting: a combination of a simple overall design with a small amount of custom work such as a border, sashing, or block design or a dense edge-to-edge design costs 2.5 to 5 cents per square inch (from $135 - $270 for the example quilt)

*above prices do not include batting, backing, or binding.

Quilt Top Preparation

To minimize your cost, please prep your quilt top properly. Press seams flat, trim threads and points, remove pins or basting threads. Square-up and trim quilt top to its final size. Measure and press backing fabric (it should be 8 inches larger than quilt top in both directions). Place a large safely pin at the top of the quilt. Please note: the quality of the pieced top may affect the quality of the finished quilted piece. To ensure best results, proper piecing and preparation are required. 

1. Pressing quilt top or backing : $10

2. Squaring quilt top : $10

3. Removing threads : $10

4. Piecing backing fabric : $10 per seam


We offer Request Dream Cotton Thin Loft and Select Dream Cotton Mid Loft, both in natural color and $10/yard.

Please provide your own batting if a different kind is preferred or discuss other options with us.


Make backing 8 inches wider and 8 inches longer than quilt top (that’s 4 inches extra around all sides of quilt).


There is a $10 trimming fee if you choose to have us trim backing and batting even with the quilt top after removing from the quilting frame. Trimming fee will be waived if we bind the quilt.


We offer two binding options.

1. Customer provides binding fabric, we make binding and machine stitch it to front and back of quilt : 10 cents per linear inch

2. Customer provides binding fabric, we make binding and machine stitch to front of quilt and hand-sew to back of quilt: 25 cents per linear inch.


Payment must be received in full before picking up quilt or shipping. Shipping charges will be figured on a case-by-case basis. We accept cash and all major credit cards.

Contact Zoë here for your quilting consultation.

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